Women in myeloma COMy Achievement Award

The organizing committee of the International Congress on Controversies in Multiple Myeloma (COMy) and the Hematology Department of the Saint-Antoine Hospital, with the support of various professional and Scientific Societies are proud to announce the “Women in Myeloma Achievement COMy Award”.

This Award was created to recognize women physicians and scientists who are changing the face of treatment in the Myeloma Field through innovative clinical and basic research.

Selection of the Award recipient is based on both an objective assessment of previous historical publication records and the translational impact and influence of these publications on the field of Myeloma.

The Award for the sum of 10,000 Euro will be presented during 2020 COMy Congress in Paris, France.

We are honored to celebrate the contributions and accomplishments of these remarkable women.


On behalf of the COMy Congress Organizing Committee.

Professor Mohamad Mohty, Co-Chair COMy Congress
Professor Arnon Nagler, Co-Chair COMy Congress
Professor Thierry Facon, Co-Chair COMy Congress